Why blog? Second time lucky?

I started a blog once, not that long ago actually. Called it ‘The Girl Who Whispered’ (there’s meaning in that, I’ll come back to it another time), but after my insecurities managed to wrap their hands around me again and I got too deep into a pool of personal commitments, I found the idea of blogging about my life narcissistic and deleted the whole thing. Well, I think I managed to save the blog posts to my hard drive, but they’re hidden from public eyes now.

But while I was browsing the internet for ideas on how to get more readers for my up and coming book, I read somewhere that blogging is the best way to attract new readers. So, here I am again, writing utter dribble in an attempt to self myself and my book (stay back insecurity, be gone with you, you ugly thing!)

One of my insecurities (I like the idea of a little devil on my shoulder shouting things into my ear, it goes with the theme of my book too) told me that I’m not a writer, I can barely write a decent essay for my BSc Degree, so why advertise frequently how inappropriate you are? Not just with writing, but as a human being too!

But then I mentally flicked that little bully off my shoulder and said; “Who care? I like to write, even if it is dribble?”

One reason why I have decided to stand up tall with writing/blogging came from inspiration from a fellow bloggers post about her love for writing, and it made me think; well, if I’m not that great, the only way you are going to get great is by practice.

So, here I am, practicing!

Hopefully as time goes on, I’ll get the knack of this blogging lark and I won’t be consumed in my insecurities and delete this one. Onwards and upwards!

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Hi! I'm Alex, AKA The Girl Who Whispered. I am an award-winning multi-genre author, blogger and activist.