Health gone downhill again…

So, last week I went downhill in health, feeling weak, tired, exhausted, headaches, heart fluttering, to name a few. It was scary how weak I was! So I went to the doctors, he took bloods, took my blood pressure (it was a little low), suggested I have an ECG (I already had one at the end of last year) and then suggested I start taking beta-blockers for my high heart rate.

I noticed this happened not long after I got extremely cold after taking my dad to the train station last Monday, he decided to have the window open to have a fag and the wind blew right onto me and was freezing!

Today, my health has gone downhill again… I originally put it down to just having low iron, being a vegetarian, so I started to take iron tablets again, and ate more leafy greens and had more vitamin C to help absorbtion. But today, there are no excuses, I just went downhill after getting cold.

Where I live we don’t have gas to the house, so we have oil instead, but our oil tanker ran out of oil (someone forgot to check it!) and the heating stopped working… I got so cold I was sat at my computer in a jumper AND dressing gown.

I started off with just weakness, my heart was fluttering a lot in the morning, so I decided to go back on the beta-blockers (I wasn’t sure I liked the idea being on them so didn’t take them) but now I’m exhausted and achey! Shoulder aches, abdomen aches, back aches, neck aches, jaw aches and I get a few twinges in my arms, hands and legs too.

I really do think I have Fibromyalgia or something similar! May be booking an earlier appointment at the doctors, I have one on the 21st but that is ages away to me!

Plus, I seem to think I might have something wrong elsewhere, these pains in my abdomen I’ve had before, and they’re worse now than they were when I first started getting them. I have other symptoms too, which don’t match up to Fibro, but I think it might be polycystic ovary syndrome. Doctor mentioned it last time I was there too when I mentioned my symptoms.

Anyway, going to have a bath… hopefully this will warm up and sooth my aches!

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