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Hey, guys.

Anyone here love reading? Or maybe you’re a writer yourself, like me?

Why don’t you check out WattPad?

No downloading needed. Just read straight from the internet, on your computer or phone (probably other devices too, but I don’t have any fancy iPad and such!)

Don’t forget you can comment and vote (on each chapter in the story!). It helps WattPad users to be seen more with the more comments and votes you make. (Everything these days is a popularity contest, is it not?)

Check out my WattPad profile here, if you’re a WattPad user, give me a follow and I’ll return the favour!

I have posted four stories in total (none complete yet):

Rose Garden Sanatorium is up on there, this one is my favourite! Check it out here!

My first (and currently only) published book is also going up! It’s My Mistake. Check it out here!

I also started writing another one a while ago, chapters are going up on WattPad, and I may continue to post them until it’s set to ‘complete’. It’s called ‘Ender’s Love‘. Check it out here!

And my most recently one is also going up. This one is brand new, but the story line is something that has really made my brain fire with excitement. I posted one chapter a couple of days ago and already 14 people have read it. Chapter 2 is now up! It’s called ‘I fell in Love with a Psychopath‘. Check it out here!

Don’t forget, if you’re a WattPad user, give the chapters you like a vote and feel free to follow me, I try to follow authors and writers back. If you follow, you also get updates straight to your email inbox.

Much love!

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