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Self-diagnosing myself with Autism

Hello my little demons, This blog post is a little different today, and I know I said ‘self-diagnosing’, there’s a lot of issues surrounding self-diagnosing medical/psychological/neurological issues, but bare in with me… I had Selective Mutism… You may already know that I had Selective Mutism as a child. I haven’t been officially diagnosed with it, … Continue reading Self-diagnosing myself with Autism

Penny’s Birthday Grove

So, November is here, whether we like it or not. Which means it’s officially Autumn and Winter will soon be here (no, we’re not talking about the C word!) November for me has always been greeted with a mixture of feelings; I dislike the fact it’s getting cold, I dislike that it’s getting darker at … Continue reading Penny’s Birthday Grove

My Podcast Interview – Breaking the silence and becoming an author & activist – It’s Never Too Late

Hello my little demons! For those of you who follow me on social media (see the links below if you’d like to follow), you may have noticed that I did a podcast interview recently and was waiting for it to air. Well, it all started when I was approached by Megha on Twitter, asking me … Continue reading My Podcast Interview – Breaking the silence and becoming an author & activist – It’s Never Too Late

Goodbye Goldi-locks

Well, they’re not gold, my locks, but it’s catchy, don’t you think? …Yes, hello, my little demons! 😈 You might be following me on social media and have already seen that I have had my hair cut off! …It’s short! ….Is it suddenly cold or is it me? I had the intention of getting my … Continue reading Goodbye Goldi-locks

Black Lives Matter!

I know I’m a little late to the game, but I really wanted to think about how to write this post, make a decent attempt at writing something about this sensitive topic. But I also couldn’t sit on my arse any longer and not say something. I have seen a few actors, singers, comedians, and … Continue reading Black Lives Matter!

The HALO Trust: Safe Steps – Challenge Complete!

A while ago I signed myself up for a charity walk with The HALO Trust, which involved a 34km walk along the Salisbury Plain Training area. The challenge (Safe Steps) was to help raise money (and awareness) to reduce landmines around the world. On the 25th, myself and my partner completed it! (Pictures below) … Continue reading The HALO Trust: Safe Steps – Challenge Complete!