Update! This might be my last post for a while…

So, tomorrow I drive to the South West of England to start my next chapter… a Master’s Degree!

I nearly didn’t, mostly because I got a phone call from the car hire company and I found out that I ‘failed’ a house check… long story, but it’s sorted now! Managed to book another car, although it’s slightly more expensive, and it was all rather stressful as this all happened last minute! But panic over… for now.

As a result of this move, this new chapter, I may not be online as much. I have enlisted the help of a friend to be my Marketing Manager, who will (hopefully) take care of Twitter, my Facebook Page, my Website and Instagram at some point.

My book ‘I fell in Love with a Psychopath’ is still going to be released 29th of September. The e-book is on a pre-release, so it’ll release automatically on the 29th, and I will be releasing the paperback myself on the 29th, if all goes to plan!

The 50% off for the e-book version of ‘It’s My Mistake’ is also still running, if you subscribe to my newsletter on my website you will be automatically given the code:

You can also buy the paperback version here:

This is the e-book version here (currently at 35% off on the website, but if you sign up to the newsletter, you can get 50% off!): https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/744287

That’s it for now! I will try to blog, as I will be trying to keep my writing going, but I can’t imagine much exciting happening! I will try to keep WattPad up-to-date, but I’m not keen on investing too much time on WattPad these days! Too much time goes into it for such a little return!

But in a years time, I am hoping to push it hard! I will look into opening my own business, getting my books printed by a third party company, attend events (book signing events) and invest in real advertising/ marketing!

All the best!

Coming 29th September!

P.S. Don’t forget I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to connect here:




Journey into becoming a Data Scientist…

As you may be aware, I wrote a blog post about my potential career as a Data Scientist. I thought I’d update you on how that was going…

Well, the last time I wrote about it, I enrolled on a ‘Introduction to Data Science’ on edX, and I actually really enjoyed it.

Since then, not only have I completed that one (to a point, I still need to complete the end ‘lab’ exercise!), I have also done an Introduction to python for Data Science. I actually messaged edX to see if there was a way to get the cost of the $99 certificate down, as I can’t actually afford to spend that money.

Alongside that, I have also been applying for graduate jobs around the country! Graduate Data Analyst roles and Graduate Data Scientist roles. One was with RBS (in Jersey), one was with the government down in Plymouth, another is in Bath (one of my favourite cities in South/South West England). And some of these roles are very difficult to apply for. I still have to do a Numeracy test on one for the government. Although that one isn’t really Data Science, more Intelligence Analyst. I also did a Numeracy test for the RBS role and I really didn’t do well on it. It wasn’t because it was difficult (although I do struggle with math in general) but the questions were timed and they were ridiculous! Between 75-90 seconds to answer a question whereby you look at the question, read a table, find the right information in the table and calculate the answer using a calculator. Easy. Until I get the bit where I type in the answer and POOF, timed out. Not happy!

Anyway, that’s where I’m at. Doing a few courses in Data Science, Python programming (will move onto SQL and R soon!), applying for Graduate jobs and also trying to refresh my Math too!

Fingers crossed!

Why blog? Second time lucky?

I started a blog once, not that long ago actually. Called it ‘The Girl Who Whispered’ (there’s meaning in that, I’ll come back to it another time), but after my insecurities managed to wrap their hands around me again and I got too deep into a pool of personal commitments, I found the idea of blogging about my life narcissistic and deleted the whole thing. Well, I think I managed to save the blog posts to my hard drive, but they’re hidden from public eyes now.

But while I was browsing the internet for ideas on how to get more readers for my up and coming book, I read somewhere that blogging is the best way to attract new readers. So, here I am again, writing utter dribble in an attempt to self myself and my book (stay back insecurity, be gone with you, you ugly thing!)

One of my insecurities (I like the idea of a little devil on my shoulder shouting things into my ear, it goes with the theme of my book too) told me that I’m not a writer, I can barely write a decent essay for my BSc Degree, so why advertise frequently how inappropriate you are? Not just with writing, but as a human being too!

But then I mentally flicked that little bully off my shoulder and said; “Who care? I like to write, even if it is dribble?”

One reason why I have decided to stand up tall with writing/blogging came from inspiration from a fellow bloggers post about her love for writing, and it made me think; well, if I’m not that great, the only way you are going to get great is by practice.

So, here I am, practicing!

Hopefully as time goes on, I’ll get the knack of this blogging lark and I won’t be consumed in my insecurities and delete this one. Onwards and upwards!