I’m abseiling 165ft for Barnardos!

So, this weekend I came across this event, it happens every year apparently, and when I read that this event involves abseiling down a 165ft UNESCO World Heritage Site and a famous landmark in Scotland, I said to myself; “Am I mad enought to do this?” When I realised I was more than crazy enough… tap tap… register interest.

AND TODAY… I have officially signed up to do it! So on the 21st of May I will be going up the Forth Rail Bridge and deliberately climbing over the edge and pushing myself off to abseil (free-fall, like the SAS!) down onto the beach below. Crickey!

If anyone would like to donate, I have set up a JustGiving page…

And of course, I will be blogging about it. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on a go-pro or something so that I can film it too? We shall see.

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Hi! I'm Penny, AKA The Girl Who Whispered. I am an award-winning multi-genre author, blogger and activist.

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