Rose Garden Sanatorium

Rose Garden Sanatorium is my book series I have been developing, writing and editing since January 2017. It is the first story I started writing when I decided I wanted to be an author. Over the years it has gone from just one simple idea to this complex story line that now spans over at least six books. And it’s already won an award!

It’s on my mind nearly every day. Thinking up new ways to improve it.

And I’m in no rush to get it published.

…Because I want it the best it can be.

Best in Paranormal – Earnesty Writer’s Awards

Back in 2018, I also won an award for it. Even though it’s yet to be published. I was fortunate enough to be able to submit the first few chapters to community run award. Out of thousands of entries, the book got through to the Top 30, then the Top 10, and then I was extremely exicited when I was told I made “Best in Paranormal”.


Taylor Brown works as a Customer Service Agent at a lesser-known bank, sporting a drinking problem and a terrible social life, but she is suddenly hurled into secret world after a vicious attack by something she cannot explain.

Duncan Ryan is the Director General of the most secretive government agency in the United Kingdom. Only a select few know it even exists. The organisation is usually just on standby, dealing with only minor incidents. But one day, Duncan is finally put to the test.

Editha Kalumuna only has one person above her, and that’s the Secretary General of the United Nations. But when she gets that dreaded call from the one employee she wishes never to hear from in her lifetime, she has to jump into action to coordinate world-wide safety.

Belphegor might be bitter about his circumstances, but it beats being trapped in the Underworld with the rest of his kind. It was seventy years ago when the war finally ended, but seventy years isn’t much to him. Besides, he just hopes one day, he will be truly free.

In a world with demons, portals and secret government agencies, it seems everyone has their secrets…