About The Author

Hi, my name is Alex Damion AKA The Girl Who Whispered. I am a published, award winning, multi-genre author.

From an early age I have been writing. My mum told me I used to write stories from about the age of eight.

But what set me apart from most children, was that I had selective mutism. This is why I call myself; The Girl Who Whispered (You can read more about this here; Why “The Girl Who Whispered”?).

I struggled with this most of my life. As a result, I would hide away and escape in books, anime and cartoons.

Although I was an avid writer as a child, it dwindled after I went to school.

It wasn’t until one new years resolution in 2017 that I made the promise to myself that I would write a book.

So that is where I am now,

writing my own stories.