Butterfly House

Photo by Isabella Mariana on Pexels.com

Dave MacLeod is a normal family man. He has a wife, two children, a good job and a lovely home. He has no reason to leave.

Monday the 19th of June is like any other day; Dave has to leave to go abroad for a few days for work. But after a week of not hearing him, Jan, his wife, starts to worry.

And when the police find out Dave never made it to his flight, maybe there is reasn to worry?

Has Dave run away? Or has Dave been murdered?

Or… is there something else… something more sinister going on…?


The story “Butterfly House” is more of a homage to that old, lost and forgotten story that eight year old me wrote.

I asked my mum if she could remember any of the stories I wrote when I was a child. She unfortunately couldn’t remember much but did remember I wrote a story about a butterfly.

Of course, I have no idea what that story was about either. But so that old story isn’t completely forgotten about, that was when I decided to write “Butterfly House”.

(Yes, I am aware that the correct turm is lepidopterarium, but I thought ‘Butterfly House’ would be more attractive!)


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