My new book “It’s My Mistake”

I had some sound advice a while ago, about publishing my book.

If you don’t know what’s been going on with this book I was writing, let me just summarise quickly… since January I have been writing, editing, developing, sleeping, eating, breathing.. this book idea which I named “Rose Garden Sanatorium”. I was so invested in it that I’ve come up with such a plot that it spans 5 books.

BUT, after realising that a story is judged by it’s cover, I approached a British Company that design covers and they recommended that I should start my venture by publishing it online in e-book format first.

The problem is, I’m not sure I’m comfortable doing that just yet with Rose Garden Sanatorium. And because I’ve put so much effort into it, I don’t want to mess it up! So, I’ve started writing another one, although ‘slightly’ different to Rose Garden Sanatorium, I’ve (nearly) written a book called “It’s My Mistake.”

“It’s My Mistake” is about a woman; Alice, (I’ll admit, she’s loosely based on me – but the old Penny when she was naive and slightly vulnerable) who decides she wants a career change. Of course, she would love nothing more than to work in a hotel! She’s not been having much luck of course, since she has no experience, but she ends up getting an interview with a company called ‘Global Elite’. Although, she messes up the interview and rushes out! Deciding that she maybe should just go back to care work, she get’s a mysterious call from someone, and it turns out to be that hot guy on the interview pannel at Global Elite! And what… he actually offers her the job? And… there’s more! Alice, realises that this guy actually has the hots for her! And not only that – he’s the manager not just of the hotel, but of the whole Global Elite Enterprise! She realises that her bad luck has finally stopped and she not only has a new job finally working in a hotel, but she’s now seeing one of the most successful men in London! But… and of course there is a but… things come crashing down for Alice, when she thought they couldn’t get any better… her relationship with this man, Dan, isn’t exactly what it seems and her world turns upside down again! Especially after accidentally bumping into the mysterious and alluring handsome guest at her hotel!

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